Serving Lincoln and St Charles Counties

Serving St. charles and lincoln counties of missouri.


To serve the health care needs of St. Charles and Lincoln County adult residents who are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance and whose household income meets our Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Did you know:

  • VIM PROVIDES FREE CARE TO RESIDENTS OF ST. CHARLES COUNTY REGARDLESS OF THEIR ABILITY TO PAY In 2017, VIM saw 3,490 patient visits.  The demand for our services is increasing.  We expect to see over 3,800 visits in 2018

  • VIM PROVIDES THOSE PATIENTS WITH THE MEDICATIONS NEEDED TO TREAT THEIR CONDITION The majority of our patients have chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, high cholesterol, COPD, depression and others.  While our dedicated staff can provide care and support, without medications, our patient’s health will not improve.  The cost of medications continues to increase.  For each patient visit, VIM’s cost for medication was $22.28 in 2017 and is increasing in 2018.

  • VIM HAS NO PAID STAFF ALL PHYSICIANS, NURSES, STAFF AND BOARD MEMBERS ARE TRUE VOLUNTEERS. In 2017 our physicians, nurses and support staff volunteered 10,072 hours of their time to care for our patients. In 2018, the number of hours is increasing.

  • YOU HAVE A REASON TO SUPPORT THE WORK OF VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE. Without the services provided by VIM, our patients would have no choice but to seek care in much more expensive locations, such as emergency rooms.