To serve the health care needs of St Charles and Lincoln County adult residents who are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance and, whose household income meets our Federal Poverty Guidelines.

As the mission reflects, we are committed to assisting this large, underserved population. Our professional and clerical volunteers provided 9605 hours of service to the VIM clinic


In 2016, our volunteers will give over 12,000 hours to the VIM Clinic.          Meet Anita and Phyllis


In a national survey of the National VIM Alliance, the St. Charles VIM was the Most efficiently operated clinic of its size IN THE NATION! 



There are 368,000 residents in VIM’s service area.       Of these, 6.1% live below the Federal Poverty Level

• This means that in our community over 22,000 may    not be covered by health insurance.

• In 2015 146 new patients were seen and over 2.500    patient visits were provided

• In 2016, the demand for services has increased to a      projected 157 new patients and 2.600 patient visits


For every $1 given to VIM,  $20.00 in health care is provided.