Volunteers in Medicine, Inc. serves the healthcare needs of St. Charles and Lincoln County adult residents who are not covered by any type of insurance and whose household income meets our Federal Poverty Guidelines. 


VIM provides its patients a compassionate and nurturing environment which delivers high quality, efficient medical care in a fiscally responsible manner and in an appropriate setting. VIM collaborates with providers and resources to promote the best care for patients. VIM staff feels a sense of accomplishment in their work, whether they are providing care, administrative support, marketing the services, or raising funds. VIM is recognized as a highly-respected community resource. 


Volunteers in Medicine -- St. Charles ("VIM") is a 501(c)(3) free primary health care clinic that provides health care and medications for the uninsured low-income adult residents of St. Charles and Lincoln counties in Missouri.  Our clinic was begun by a small group of volunteers, mostly retired health care professionals in June 1996. We are an independent organization which follows the precepts and practices of the Volunteers in Medicine National Alliance.

Our founders identified the need for a health care clinic because there were no public or private medical clinics which provide free services in our service area. Prior to our founding, uninsured adult residents who did not qualify for Medicaid were forced to rely on care provided by the emergency rooms of our local hospitals or the charity of local medical professionals. 

VIM has NO PAID STAFF. All physicians, nurses and support staff volunteer their time to meet the needs of those less fortunate in our community 

While our dedicated volunteers can provide care and compassion to our patients, most of our patients have chronic conditions which require medication to improve their health.  Of those we treat, 18% have diabetes, 38% have hypertension, 45% have depression, 17% have asthma, 13% have COPD, and / or combinations of these serious illnesses.  Without clinically appropriate medications, the health of our patients will not improve.  Unlike other similar organizations, VIM provides the necessary medication to treat our patients.  The medications we provide are the largest expense we incur. 

Many other services, including cleaning, routine maintenance, accounting services, website design and hosting are provided by volunteers. They are an outstanding group of women and men. Our clinical staff, including physicians and nurses, are fully licensed by the Board of Healing Arts. 

VIM fills a major void in the health care system of the counties we serve.  We have provided these services for over 22 years with minimal financial resources and with remarkable efficiency thanks to our large group of dedicated volunteers. Our financial efficiency is attested by the annual survey of all clinics in the VIM National Alliance. Their survey shows our Clinic to be one the most cost-effective clinics of all Alliance members.

Board of Directors

Abel, Chad - Board Chair - Financial Advisor – Ameriprise Financial  

Ferrigni, M.D., Filippo - Medical Director Board Member - Internal Medicine, retired. Former Medical Director – SSM St. Joseph Health Center     

Hockett, R.N., Anita - Clinical Director Board Member - Retired, Nursing Supervisor – SSM St. Joseph Health Center 

Renken, Mark - Treasurer - Healthcare Consultant; retired Chief Administrative Officer of SSM Health Medical Group    

Alessi, J.D., Deborah - Board Member - Judge – St. Charles County   

Felzien, Carol – Board Member – Director of Administration, Hammond Institute – Lindenwood University 

Fitzgerald, David - Board Member - Retired, Director of Pastoral Care – SSM St. Joseph Health Center  

Galmore, R.N., Anitra - Board Member - Director of Nursing Service – SSM St. Joseph Health Center   

Lafata, R. Ph, Donald - Board Member - Pharmacy Supervisor – Schnucks Pharmacy 

Poggemeier, M.D., David - Board Member - Emergency Medicine Specialist; President Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts  

Routberg, M.D., Mark - Board Member - Internal Medicine physician